Welcome to the new FITREC Circle

Why move to a new FITREC Circle?

There were two main reasons for searching for a FITREC Circle alternaitve;

1. Everyone had to create a new login to use the FITREC Circle site

2. The platform was too costly for something that wasn’t a perfect fit

This new platform is part of a WordPress theme (buddyboss) that is considerably less expensive and has made it possible for us to offer a single sign in option. That is, as long as you’re signed into FITREC (on the same browser) you’ll be able to easily jump in on FITREC Circle.

I hope it encourages more people to make use of this community space. We’d like to see people share insights, asking questions, suggesting updates and ultimately connecting with the wider community a little more easily.

For those that are new to FITREC and FITREC Circle, we created FITREC Circle because we needed a space that was not a Facebook Group. I have too much respect for everyone to insist you use a service with questionable morality surrounding privacy and ownership of data. I’ve nothing against people using Facebook. As your chosen registration provider, you should expect “best practice” from us.

Your feedback is very welcome (encouraged). I’m keen to know what is working and what is not.

Regards, D.