Using FITREC profiles as a CV – A case study

As the Founder and Managing Director of FITREC, I have had a great deal of support from the FITREC First Lady (my wife), Chenille Hosking.

Chenille is an experienced fitness professional and a teacher, but more recently has embarked on a new career in Massage Therapy.

In her recent job application efforts, I noticed she was using her FITREC profile exclusively, rather than a CV, and every application was getting a call back from the employer.

When I asked Chenille why she chose to use her FITREC profile rather than a CV when applying for new opportunities, here is what I learned (in her words);

The biggest reason; It’s easier to send people a link than a document.

Adding a link in an email is a lot easier than updating and attaching a document. I also did not have a current CV, which would require some effort to build and continue updating. This raises another good point…

My FITREC profile is always up to date.

I know that irrespective of any changes made to my profile since I sent someone a link, whenever they visit the link, they’re always going to be looking at my most up-to-date details.

I don’t have to think about what I should include and how to lay it out.

I know that Dennis and his team designed FITREC profiles with recruitment in mind. I simply populate different areas as relevant to me and I know that all the key information an employer would be looking for is readily available.

FITREC profiles look good and I know it will look the same for everyone

No matter when, where, or how my FITREC profile is viewed, I know that it will look professional and provide a great first impression.

… including on mobile devices.

CVs are not mobile-friendly and as most employers are likely to be viewing applications on a mobile, at some point, making it easier for them to view my relevant experience and education on a mobile device is a big win.

I made good use of the ability to add images to my profile.

A few good photos have made a big difference to the look of my profile. Especially in my efforts to be seen as a Massage Therapy professional. This is not something you can do easily on a CV.

Here are some additional thoughts and hacks;

  • When linking to my FITREC profile, I still referred to it as a CV. For example, “You can view an outline of my education and experience via my CV at this link.” I was conscious of using language that they would understand.
  • I added images of my best testimonials/references to highlight them, as well as including them in the references section on my FITREC profile.
  • FITREC profiles are searchable on Google. For example, search “chenille fitrec
  • “CV’s are boring and old!”

Thank you to Chenille for her input.

If you’d like any assistance in setting up your FITREC profile or would like more information about becoming FITREC registered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.