A GLOBAL Registration Option for Professionals, Businesses & Educators

By adopting a more contemporary approach to the recognition of learning, FITREC has been able to create a system of registration that is well-suited to internationally educated professionals and offers considerable advantages to multinational businesses and educators.


Recognition of International Qualifications

FITREC has the flexibility to recognise leading qualifications from all countries. While this has been most popular for professionals looking to work in Australia, it also makes it easier for any professional in any country to get FITREC registered and join an international community of their peers.

No RPL Required

Recognition of Prior Learning is only required when a registration service needs a professional to have a specific local qualification. Obtaining an RPL is time-consuming and expensive for professionals and wholely unnecessary where professionals have a suitable and widely recognised international qualification. For employers, it acts as a deterrent to introducing well-qualified and experienced professionals to the local workforce. FITREC’s ability to recognise qualifications from a variety of reputable providers means that professionals are spared the RPL nightmare.

All Certificates At Hand

When travelling from one country to another, it’s not always possible to pack your certificates and qualifications. Plus, there is always the risk of documents getting lost in transit. FITREC profiles are able to include a copy of all certificates and qualifications. Once uploaded, nothing is forgotten, and everything is easily shared with employers as required.

If you’re looking for registration with international qualifications, start here.


Uniformity of Registration Across Regions

In a multinational industry, the ability to have one registration type for all staff ensures uniformity of registration across the group. All team members can be measured against the same benchmark – The FITREC Rating – and all managers will enjoy a greater insight into the background of their team via the information-rich FITREC profiles. If a team member wishes to move from one facility to another, irrespective of country, their FITREC registration makes it easier for the new managers to appreciate their professional background.

Easily Track Team Development

Automation is essential for successful multisite businesses, and this is where FITREC shines. FITREC is designed to help employers and managers more easily manage and track the development of team members within the group. FITREC has a ‘subscribe to profiles’ option that alerts any team manager to professional development updates, including if their FITREC rating for education has begun to depreciate. FITREC also provides a dashboard for employers to better see, at a glance, the strength of their team and whether everyone has key certifications (First Aid, CPR, etc.).

Booking Links on Profiles

It’s a simple thing, but not available with any other registrar. When talking with clients about the value of a particular team member, for example, to promote Personal Training, Massage Therapies, Group Classes, etc., when sharing the link to the professional’s FITREC profile, the client is also presented with a link that goes directly to your preferred page for booking. FITREC profiles can also include social media links, providing even greater opportunities for connection.

FITREC has More Recognised Development Opportunities

FITREC recognises more learning opportunities in all countries that make it easier for your team to pursue the education that best suits their career direction. For multinational teams, FITREC provides an opportunity to ensure learning across all facilities, in all countries, is recognised equally on professional profiles.


No Fee For Points

FITREC has a single registration fee for educators that gives them the ability to promote one or multiple learning opportunities to our community of professionals. Points are assigned to courses (for the FITREC Rating) based simply on whether the course is a primary certification or ongoing development. There is no option to charge a greater fee to apply more points to a course. In addition, as a global business, educators require only one FITREC registration. There is no cost for representation in additional countries.

Enjoy a Collaborative Approach to Learning

Registration services have typically viewed education as needing to fall in line with the registrar. This has resulted in educators needing to go through course revisions, pay additional expenses, and then repeat in additional countries. By contrast, FITREC views the relationship with educators from a collaborative perspective. We recognise the success of professionals and businesses requires an ability to connect easily with relevant learning opportunities, and any additional costs for educators are only going to be passed on to professionals.


While industry advocacy across countries requires a nuanced and local approach, at the level of day-to-day delivery and management of industry services, stakeholders benefit from a registration service that is consistent across all regions.

At an operational level, we want to see the development of teams, we want transparency and accountability among professionals and we want to be able to encourage individuals to grow and prosper within the fitness, health and wellness space. At this level, FITREC provides unparalleled consistency, collaboration and support with registration services.