FITREC has Introduced the Industry’s First Loyalty Bonus for Registration!

Professionals that maintain their registration with FITREC will now be eligible for a registration renewal discount that will range from 10% to 80%!

We’ve set the bar high, with the first discount of 10% kicking in at the six-year mark.

Having said that, many of our existing registered members will already qualify for an automatic 10% off their registration fee from this point on. At 10 years, the discount on the registration fee changes to 40%. And from 15 years, the discount on registration is a huge 80% – which shows how serious we are about recognising those that have done so much for our industry.

Registration will need to be concurrent.

In other words, to be eligible, your registration must be continuous.

What if I leave the industry for a short time to have a family or travel?

We’ve got you covered. FITREC is introducing an Associate Membership.

If you wish to take time out to have a baby, travel the world, or take care of loved ones, we want to see you back in the industry as soon as possible, right where you left off. And we want you to feel like you’re still a valued part of the community.

While your Associate Membership will not provide you with registration or an active profile, it will place your registration on hold, rather than cancel it. We’ll still keep you in the loop with emails, you’ll still have access to FITREC Circle and you’ll still be eligible for any special offers provided to our registered community.

Associate Membership is $25/year and only available to professionals who have been registered previously.

Even better, your loyalty discount is available in conjunction with any referral discount you have accumulated…

As a FITREC registered professional, when you refer someone else to FITREC and they use your referral code (registration number), both you and the new registrant receive a $10 discount on registration. Your $10 credits accumulate every time your code is used. There is no limit. For professionals eligible for the loyalty bonus, your accumulated referral discount is deducted from your loyalty bonus reduced registration fee. That’s a big win!

…but not with any discount code.

From time to time, FITREC provides discount codes for registration. Note that the input of a discount code will remove any loyalty bonus that may have been applicable.

It’s all about respect and recognition.

Ultimately the aim of this program is to demonstrate our acknowledgment of the value of experience and the importance of retaining it where we can and welcoming it back in those times we couldn’t.