FITREC Welcomes Active IQ Qualifications

FITREC is pleased to announce that Active IQ is now officially recognised as a provider of FITREC LEVEL A certifications. For the Active IQ alumni in all countries, this recognition provides a clear pathway to registration with FITREC. For fitness professionals, this means portability, engagement with an international fitness community and the tools and services needed to build longer, more successful fitness careers.

Forged in Australia and serving an international market, FITREC provides an unmatched registration service for the fitness industry. Our focus on functionality has resulted in profiles that deliver the best available insight into a professional’s background and a FITREC rating, against which all professionals can be measured. In addition, FITREC offers a revised approach to ongoing learning and a loyalty program that encourages professionals to remain in the industry and registered.

Active IQ is a provider of fitness qualifications, high-end resources and ongoing development in support of clear career pathways. Active IQ is a recognised champion of industry standards at the highest level in the UK and internationally.

“FITREC’s ability to formally recognise the value of Active IQ certifications provides industry professionals everywhere with the ability to be part of a truly global registered fitness community,” says Dennis Hosking, Founder and Managing Director of FITREC. “Our fitness industry has become global for educators, clubs and suppliers. Through this recognition of Active IQ, we’re able to further our ability to deliver an internationally recognised professional registration.”

Luis Carranza, General Manager of FITREC adds, “By expressing our support for the Active IQ qualification, FITREC provides two big wins for the fitness industry. Firstly, professionals in all countries have further assurance that their Active IQ certification is an internationally recognised and valued qualification. Secondly, it provides all Active IQ alumni with an additional fitness registration option.”

‘’Active IQ is thrilled to receive confirmation that its exceptional programs have gained additional recognition from FITREC. We take immense pride in our relentless commitment to delivering quality education that upholds the highest standards in the industry. This acknowledgement from FITREC serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to supporting the sector and empowering qualified learners worldwide. By being listed on registers that acknowledge our excellence, we can further bolster the industry and open up a plethora of exciting opportunities for individuals seeking quality education and professional growth on a global scale.’’ Gavin Baxter – Head of Business Development. 

Active IQ alumni registering with FITREC need to upload a copy of their certificate for assessment by the FITREC team before registration can be activated. All Active IQ certificates include a QR code. FITREC will use this code to confirm the name on the certificate matches that in the Active IQ system.

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