FITREC is Proud to Welcome RTS Global to Australia.

FITREC is proud to support RTS Global in the delivery of their RTS Level 1 Training in Australia.

The Resistance Training Specialist® program has been the industry’s defining education curriculum for exercise mechanics and its practical application since 1997. RTS teaches exercise professionals, from personal trainers to physiotherapists, a scientific and unbiased approach to the analysis and personalisation of exercise design. The curriculum is built to encourage objective decision-making in the design and delivery of exercise programs via a continued assessment of your client’s needs, goals, and tolerances.

FITREC General Manager, Luis Carranza, recently met with The Resistance Training Specialist® COO, Benny Price at a networking event and it quickly became clear that the objectives for both RTS Global and FITREC were aligned.

Luis says, “We are constantly looking for opportunities to connect with providers that can add value to our members’ experience. The quality of content coming from RTS is fantastic, and we are very excited to support them as an educator in the Australian market.”

Based on a fundamental understanding of positional anatomy and external forces, RTS students learn how to customise and optimise exercise programming and delivery to meet the individual needs, goals and tolerances of a wide spectrum of clients. Their objective and progressive perspective delivers long-term value — and exceptional exercise experiences.

Benny Price, COO of RTS Global adds, “We’re delighted to establish this partnership with FITREC, who take exercise education just as seriously as we do. We’re on a mission to elevate the standards of professional personal training across the world, and this collaboration is a big step forward to achieving that in Australia.”

Learn more about the upcoming RTS Level 1 course in Australia here.


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About RTS Global

RTS Global is an American Institution who have run fitness education courses internationally since 1989. Originally a part of NASM, RTS became independent in 1997. Since this time, their RTS Level 1 course has continued to grow internationally, led by a team of expert exercise educators.