FITREC is pleased to announce its recognition of FITM’s leading certification courses for fitness professionals.

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For the FITM alumni, this recognition provides a clear pathway to registration with FITREC. For fitness professionals, this means portability, engagement with an international fitness community and the tools and services needed to build longer, more successful fitness careers.

“I’m grateful to Jerrican Tan and his forward-thinking team for joining us in the push to create a globally registered fitness community,” says Dennis Hosking, Founder and Managing Director of FITREC. 

“We welcome the ability to showcase the achievements of FITM students and collaborate with the FITM team to help alumni enjoy longer and more fruitful careers in fitness.”

Luis Carranza, General Manager of FITREC adds, “The fitness industry throughout south-east Asia is growing rapidly. This collaboration represents an opportunity to help professionalise the industry in the region and provide world-class services for FITM graduates and alumni. Specifically, industry registration services that encourage longer careers, portability and peer support”

“Registration is a new concept for fitness professionals in Malaysia,” says Jerrican Tan – Founder of FEA & Managing Director of FITM.

“I think the FITREC offering shows the greatest potential for encouraging uptake and I welcome the opportunity to help engage our alumni with a broader and increasingly global fitness industry. FITM is looking forward to working with FITREC”.


Forged in Australia and serving an international market, FITREC provides an unmatched registration service for the fitness industry. Our focus on functionality has resulted in profiles that deliver the best possible insight into a professional’s background and a FITREC rating, against which all professionals can be measured. In addition, FITREC offers a revised approach to ongoing learning and a loyalty program that encourages professionals to remain in the industry and registered.


FITM is a fitness professional training and development centre based in Malaysia. FITM was established in 2007 with the aspiration to develop world-class fitness leaders. Today, as Malaysia’s premier international standard fitness professional training & development centre, and the only local education partner to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), we continue to strive and dedicate our efforts to transcend our vision. 

As a partner of Fitness Edutraining Asia (FEA), Rehab Trainer Australia and Metafit U.K, FITM provides preparatory courses for international certification, continuing education and specialisation certification, along with valuable networking opportunities for fitness professionals. 

To further broaden the opportunities for Malaysians to learn from and train with the industry’s best, FITM leverages its alliances with similar organisations throughout Asia to bring much sought-after international fitness presenters to Malaysia.

To celebrate the launch of this new collaboration, the first 100 FITM graduates and alumni registering with FITREC will receive a 50% discount. The next 100 receive a 25% discount. Discount codes are available via FITM course administrators.


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