FITREC and Fit Africa Begin the Process of Providing Global Registration for African Nations

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FIT Africa and FITREC have begun the process of helping leading professionals from the FIT Africa registry apply for one of 100 free global registrations with FITREC. 

Thanks to the generosity of BF Brokers (Australia), 100 members of the FIT Africa community will have 12 months of free registration with FITREC, making them the first African fitness professionals to join FITREC’s global registrar of fitness professionals. 

Once registered with FITREC, FIT Africa members will be supported in the creation of a FITREC profile to showcase their education, experience, mentors, references, and more. All FITREC professionals also receive a monthly newsletter, a quarterly magazine, access to FITREC Circle (FITREC’s private social media platform), a FITREC rating, and discounts from our industry partners.

To be eligible for FITREC registration, professionals from African countries must have a membership with FIT Africa and qualifications that meet FITREC standards. 

For candidates who do not currently meet FITREC registration requirements but are interested in becoming appropriately accredited, NASM has generously made available a limited number of free internationally recognised Personal Training certification courses that, on completion, would permit FITREC registration.

“I am very excited to be a part of the ground-breaking efforts of Akin, Patricia, Oumar, and team to professionalise the health, fitness and wellness industry in Africa”, says Dennis Hosking, Founder and Managing Director of FITREC. 

“From the first meeting, it was clear that our values of FITREC and FIT Africa were aligned. I believe the power of this collaboration will influence the fitness industry everywhere.”

“This partnership between FITREC and FIT Africa is the culmination of an effort to show our African values to the rest of the world”, says Akinola (Akin) Maja, Founder & Chairman of FIT Africa. 

Akin adds, “Mutual recognition between the two continental powers of Africa and Australia is the start of a movement toward the global directory and standards. We are looking forward to seeing where this joint venture takes us.”

Effective immediately, members of the FIT Africa community will be notified of this opportunity and we look forward to celebrating some of the first registrations in the coming weeks.


Forged in Australia and serving an international market, FITREC provides an unmatched registration service for the fitness industry. Our focus on functionality has resulted in profiles that deliver the best possible insight into a professional’s background and a FITREC rating, against which all professionals can be measured. In addition, FITREC offers a revised approach to ongoing learning and a loyalty program that encourages professionals to remain in the industry and registered.


FIT Africa is an organisation working to Focus, Influence and Transform Africa through the Fitness, Wellness, Health, Creative Arts and Sports Industry. Our aim is simple: Keep Africa Active. We believe that, together, we can lift up Africa

We empower our professional stakeholders’ potential by fostering global partnerships and enabling access to resources by engaging with industry partners worldwide. For industry suppliers, we provide market access, brand exposure, networking, marketing support, and social impact opportunities, unlocking Africa’s potential.

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