FITIQ Asia collaboration with FITREC


FITREC and FitIQ Asia are Collaborating to Provide FitIQ Graduates with Professional Registration.

FitIQ graduates will now automatically receive international fitness registration from FITREC as part of a new collaboration to help professionalise the growing fitness industry in the Philippines and allow FitIQ alumni to distinguish themselves from less qualified professionals.

“We’re very grateful for the opportunity to assist Steve Wilemen and his team in their efforts to create a leading source of fitness education in the Philippines,” says Dennis Hosking, Founder and Managing Director of FITREC.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of industry professionals in the Philippines and increase the value of those professionals to employers both locally and internationally.”

Luis Carranza, General Manager of FITREC emphasises that… “This partnership not only benefits the graduates and local employers but is another example of how FITREC can service the industry with a Global Registration Service.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with FitIQ in the Philippines. Well done to FitIQ CEO, Steven and his team, for being trailblazers in the Philippines by offering a truly impressive learning opportunity”

“We are delighted to partner with FITREC in our mission to provide international fitness education and certification to the Philippines”, said Steven Wileman, Founder & CEO of FitIQ Asia.

“FitIQ aims to create equal opportunities for talented fitness professionals and enthusiasts in the Philippines. Via our collaborations with international education providers like Active IQ (UK), and this collaboration with FITREC for professional registration, we aim to ensure a global standard in fitness education, where the individual determines success and not the country they studied.”


Forged in Australia and serving an international market, FITREC provides an unmatched registration service for the fitness industry. Our focus on functionality has resulted in profiles that deliver the best possible insight into a professional’s background and a FITREC rating, against which all professionals can be measured. In addition, FITREC offers a revised approach to ongoing learning and a loyalty program that encourages professionals to remain in the industry and registered.


We strongly believe in engaging, educating, and empowering individuals and businesses to create positive changes that enable them to reach their full potential. Our expertise lies in developing, training, and executing member journeys through world-class fitness education.

 We offer internationally recognised certifications from Active I.Q., group exercise training from F.E.T. Academy, and specialist aqua certification from the Ripple Academy in Singapore. We also provide a comprehensive outsourcing service for managing personal trainers, group exercise schedules, and instructors to help owners and operators get the best from their health, fitness, and wellbeing facilities.

At FitIQ Asia, we are entirely devoted to unleashing the true potential of fitness professionals, owners, and operators. We strive to develop their talent, impart our expertise, and share knowledge to help them attain excellence in their field. Our unwavering commitment towards their growth and success has enabled us to become a trusted partner for our learners and clients.

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